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Turbulence Training Review

Wondering if Craig Ballantyne's system is the best program for you?
This in-depth Turbulence Training review will help you decide!

Turbulence Training Review logoTurbulence Training is a collection of fitness "ebooks" (PDF reports) by Craig Ballantyne, a regular writer for Men's Health magazine and other popular fitness publications.

The system is based heavily on Interval Training and toning with high-intensity, short-burst weight training and bodyweight exercises. The idea is to replace slow, boring cardio sessions with faster, more efficient workouts. If you want to burn fat then tone up, I highly recommend Turbulence Training:

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Want to learn more to see if it's right for you? Take a minute to read the detailed Turbulence Training review below...

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Workout Routine: 5 Star Rating
Time Required: 3 Star Rating
Meal Plan: 5 Star Rating
Fat Loss: 2 Star Rating
Muscle Gain: 4 Star Rating
Exercise Technique: 5 Star Rating
Strength Increase: 5 Star Rating
Customer Support: 5 Star Rating
Value for Price: 5 Star Rating

Price: $39.95 or $97
Delivery: Instant (Online)
Style: Interval Training
Guarantee: 8-Week 100%

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  Turbulence Training

The "Turbulence Training System" is actually the first fitness program I purchased online, out of 9 total (Check out my reviews of the top 5 programs that actually helped me out on the home page if you're interested). I rated it at #3 out of the 9 programs I purchased, and this detailed review will fill you in on my results, tips & recommendations to help you get the fitness results you're looking for.

I bought this program because I had hired a personal trainer a while back, and he told me that if I wanted to burn fat, I needed to do something better than cardio. He mentioned interval training, and how it helps to boost fat loss results in less time than boring cardio routines.

So, I did some research online to find out more about interval training, and I found a cardio vs. interval training debate that explained why it was so much better than cardio, and it mentioned the "Turbulence Training System". So, I decided to buy it since it was only $39.95, and I started using it the very next day.

***Sidenote: my main goal at the time was to burn off some excess fat to lay a solid foundation, then start packing on muscle. If you're already skinny, and want to build more muscle, this program is not as good for you as Muscle Gain Truth!***

Well, using Craig's system, I was able to cut my workout times (compared to stretching, running for 30 minutes, and lifting weights) down to about 30 minutes, from 60-90 minutes! Plus, I started seeing my body fat % drop steadily within a couple weeks, and I was quickly toning up.

Long story short: I was able to keep the fat off, increase my speed, agility and stamina, and get more toned...which was incredible!

Wondering what comes with the TT system? Here it is:

  • "Turbulence Training System" ebook (in PDF & MP3 format)
  • TT Nutrition Guide by Chris Mohr
  • Dumbbell & Bodyweight Fusion workout manual
  • "20-Minute Workouts for the World's Busiest Dads!"
  • Total Body Transformation Secrets
  • Turbulence Training for Mass (Muscle Building)

I picked up a ton of great tips from Craig with his program, and I'm very glad I bought it, because it allowed me to shred some excess fat and give me a boost with better form & technique to start building lean muscle.

That said, I personally didn't think the extra bonuses for the upgrade were worth the $57.05 jump in price, but for $39.95, you can't beat this program!

If you want to get rid of your excess fat & tone up before (or while) you build muscle, then the "Turbulence Training System" will help you do just that, so check it out:

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P.S. - I would definitely sign up for the free email course you'll find at 100,000's of people pay to subscribe to Men's Health magazine, and Craig writes for Men's Health regularly! He never sent me any spam, but he does send some of his best tricks for FREE, so there's no harm in signing up.


Here are some of my favorite things about Turbulence Training:

  • There's no "fluff"'s all solid, concise material so you don't have to read a ton!
  • There are a bunch of options for workouts & exercises with varying styles
  • The workouts are perfect for shedding extra fat and toning up before getting ripped
  • The workouts are quick (15-25 minutes or so, 3x per week)
  • Most of the workouts can be done from home in private, so you don't have to worry about the weather, being embarassed at the gym, or wasting gas money to do these workouts!

In the end, Turbulence Training is an amazing system, but it's not perfect...


While I loved the fact that I was able to lose so much fat so quickly, I have to admit that I had to develop my own meal plans based on the information Craig provided. It wasn't too tough, but I wasn't able to 'plug and play' with my meals like I later found I could do with "Muscle Gain Truth" & "No Nonsense Muscle".

The workout routines were similar: I went off the routines that Craig provided at first, but in order to start gaining muscle after I felt comfortable, I had to 'upgrade' to some higher-level muscle gain workout routines.

(NOTE: Craig updated the program, and added "Turbulence Training for Mass", which beefed up the workout routines and muscle building info provided, which helped a lot with this aspect...)

If you're already skinny, and want to bulk up, do NOT get Turbulence Training! It is not made for gaining muscle alone...However, it's really nice for toning up like Craig, and you'll learn learn some awesome workout techniques that are perfect for people who don't want to live in the gym.

Overall, I'm really happy I bought the "Turbulence Training System"!

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About Craig Ballantyne:

craig ballantyneCraign Ballantyne is a certified strength & conditioning specialist. He writes for Men's Health & Men's Fitness magazines regularly.

"His trademarked Turbulence Training fat loss workouts have helped thousands of men and women around the world lose fat, gain muscle, and get lean in less than 45 minutes three times/week."

I'll be honest with you: this dude knows what's up, and is a well-respected expert in the fitness World.

But for real, I'd definitely pay attention to workout & nutrition advice from anybody who is shredded like Craig, even if they don't have a Masters degree, write for top fitness magazines, train 1,000's of people, or own a fitness consulting company! =)

Program Results:

I wanted to build muscle quickly & naturally, and after I got fed up with paying for a personal trainer, a gym membership and supplements, I decided to turn to the almighty Internet for better results.

I ended up spending $544.80 on 9 of the most popular programs out there from fitness pros, and like I mentioned before: Turbulence Training was the first one I bought. I was over 200 lbs (6ft. 3 in.), but had barely any muscle, even though I was working out 3-4 times/week and taking protein daily!

Anyway, Craig's system allowed me to eliminate excess fat with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, which let me work up to some fantastic exercises from my #1 and #2 ranked programs: "Muscle Gain Truth" & "No Nonsense Muscle Building", to start gaining muscle like I wanted for so long.

I ended up shedding about 14 lbs of useless fat, trimming 2 inches off my waist, and toning up my stomach, back legs & arms...all in about 6 weeks!

Here's one of the coolest stories from a customer from

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"People not only notice my fat loss but they treat me differently - even with more respect. It was not without tough times but now that I've completed it, I see all that as character building.

As a teacher, I have even been noticed by my kids at school. They all want to get fit in the school's gym with me now."

~ John Pascua, Australia

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If you're looking to burn fat, and you hate long boring cardio exercises, Turbulence Training is right up your alley! Learn Craig's top interval training methods & start seeing your body improve now:

I hope this Turbulence Training review has been helpful for you. Please let me know if you have any questions about the program.

Good luck with your fitness goals!
- Max

P.S. - If you're feeling like you haven't found what you're looking for in a muscle building program, I recommend you check out my "Muscle Gain Truth" and "No Nonsense Muscle" reviews! They are my top-rated muscle gain programs by far...

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"I am a Melbourne, Australia based personal trainer and martial arts
instructor with many years experience in the industry. I have been using the TT programs and principles in my own training and that of my clients and have been very impressed with the results, as have they.

My clients are training harder on briefer, more effective programs and are
happy with the results to say the least. The training principles I've used
for years have always been on the quality rather than quantity side, but the
innovative program structuring that goes with TT is great and provides
plenty of variety and challenge.

Furthermore, from a personal perspective, my joints which have been battered after years of martial arts and heavy weight training are now more pain free and enable me to hit the gym and train hard and consistently. You have my full endorsement."

~ Sean Bowring, Zanshin Fitness Solutions, Melbourne, Australia

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"After taking an extended 10 month break from the gym, I knew it was time to get back at it. I started using CB's Turbulence Training Program and have been extremely pleased with my results.

After 8 weeks on the program, my strength has returned and my energy level is back up where it should be! I have used the interval training program along with the nutritional guidelines to maintain a healthy solid weight. Most importantly, my confidence in my workouts has benefited the most as I have made steady gains and continue to do so at week 16! Thanks for the program and all your training reports."

~ Paul Kim, Brampton, Ontario

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