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No Nonsense Muscle Building Review

Wondering if Vince DelMonte's "No Nonsense Muscle Building" program will work for you? Don't buy it until you've read this review!

No Nonsense Muscle Building ecoverNo Nonsense Muscle is a web-based muscle building course with meal plans, weight training routines and a progress tracker.

Vince DelMonte went from 149lbs to 210 lbs at 10% body fat in 6 months, and put his favorite methods that got him there in one jam-packed course. Overall, this program gets my #2 rating of the 9 products I've bought, so check it out:

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Want to learn more about the "No Nonsense Muscle Building" program? Good choice. =)

Feel free to take a minute and read my fully-detailed review below to learn what I got out of the program, what I hated about it, who I think it's best for, and whether or not it will work for you...

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Workout Routine: 5 Star Rating
Time Required: 3 Star Rating
Meal Plan: 5 Star Rating
Fat Loss: 2 Star Rating
Muscle Gain: 4 Star Rating
Exercise Technique: 5 Star Rating
Strength Increase: 5 Star Rating
Customer Support: 5 Star Rating
Value for Price: 5 Star Rating

Price: $77 or $127
Delivery: Instant (Online)
Style: Weight Lifting
Guarantee: 8-Week 100%

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  Vince Delmonte Fitness

The No Nonsense Muscle Building package is my #2-rated program overall, because it has everything you absolutely need (and a bit more), but it doesn't have quite as much to offer as "Muscle Gain Truth".

It was created by Vince Delmonte, a guy that went from 149 lbs to 210 lbs of mostly muscle in 24 weeks, and went on to place 1st in a fitness model championship & write for Men's Fitness magazine!

Vince is a world-class trainer now, and his No Nonsense Muscle course shows it...After buying 9 muscle building systems online, I found that all the bonuses Vince includes make it an excellent package for anyone wanting to put on some serious muscle, keep the fat off while they're at it, and do it all quickly, without supplements.

The price is reasonable at $77, considering many people pay $50 every month for a gym membership and $50-$200+ for protein powder and other supplements! Plus, this is a one-time cost. Not to mention the fact that most trainers charge $20-$100 per hour, so it's easy to see how this will add up to waaaay more than $77, after even just 2 months.

Wondering what comes with No Nonsense Muscle? Check it out:

  • 215-page "No Nonsense Muscle" ebook (PDF file)
  • Beginner & Advanced 29-week complete workout routine
  • DVD/Video series - Video tutorials on workouts, techniques, etc.
  • Built-in Metabolic Calculator - To determine the best meal plan for you
  • "Virtual Trainer" - Exercise tutorials (shown below)
  • "Upside Down Training" manual - Posture, core stability, flexibility, etc.
  • Detailed meal plans including full grocery lists!
  • 24/7 Fitness Coach - Detailed FAQ section
  • membership - Daily workout & nutrition tracker

virtual trainer

The virtual trainer (shown above) allows you to view specific workouts by muscle groups, and read quick tips on form & technique to boost results...all online.

Ready to check it out? Go for it:

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P.S. - If nothing else, go to right now and sign up for Vince's FREE video course! He never sent me any spam, but I liked the video series & free email course...

No Nonsense Muscle Building Pros:

Overall, having a course online is a "pro" by itself. I love being able to access videos, meal plans, printable routines, and tips from fitness experts all from home when ever I want!

These are some of the coolest parts of the program:

  • Awesome meal plan (Broken down by calorie intake)
  • Fantastic ebook for learning about muscle building
  • Lots of info about supplements (what to avoid, how to use them properly, etc.)
  • Flexible workout routine
  • Online progress tracker

Overall, No Nonsense Muscle is a great course, but it's far from perfect...

No Nonsense Muscle Building Cons:

Yeah, this program is sweet, but it still has a few key flaws:

  • I don't like that Vince ddidn't set it up so you could pre-load your workout routine into the Fitness Generator. This isn't a huge deal, but it means you have to enter what you eat & the routine you follow each day for it to track your progress. Being automatic would be nice, but that might keep you from following it, since you know it's already posted for you.

  • I also don't like the fact that Vince hasn't gotten the members' forum more active. Though the forum was a suprise bonus, there are very few posts there to learn from.
  • As I made it through the ebook and started using the workout plan, I decided to tailor the routine to my liking. (Yeah, he started out as a skinny runt, but I was chubby when I started out, so that didn't work as well for me...) =) Anyway, he didn't make it easy to tweak the routine, because it was so specific.

    UPDATE: Vince has added 124 routines to the program, so now we can access any type of workout we want!

  • The only other thing that bugged me about the No Nonsense Muscle program was that a lot of it was the same as "Muscle Gain Truth", and it came out AFTER! I'm not claiming that Vince copied off Sean, but the same meal plans were used, the name is similar, and a great deal of the information Vince provides is the same. Not a big deal I guess, since the information is solid, but worth mentioning either way...

Though some of the cons take away from the product, I still recommend Vince DelMonte's course. That said, I would recommend you take a look at Vince's site:

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About Vince Delmonte:

vince delmonteVince Delmonte is the author of "No Nonsense Muscle", and a regular conwriter for Men's Fitness & Maximum Fitness magazines.

A few years ago, he won the the Canadian National Fitness Championships, and has continued on to become a top fitness model & spokesman for bodybuilding companies and websites.

He is famous for being known as the "Skinny Savior", because he went from being a "149lb twerp" to the 210lb monster you see in the picture on the less than a year. And now, he has decided to share his story and help other skinny guys do the same with the exact methods he used to do it himself.

When I was on Vince's sales page, it was nice seeing some interesting (and motivational) customer testimonials like this one:

Testimonial Top

"... I couldn't believe that I started gaining results by training less than before. I actually added over 16 inches to my entire frame and gained over 30 lbs of muscle mass.

I was happy with my progress after only a few months... but I had no idea that was only the beginning.

Thanks for the great program Vince."

~ Brian Macdougal, Ontario,Canada

Testimonial Bottom

Program Results:

I got a LOT out of the main ebook itself, and was able to take what I learned and improve my diet, fix my flawed exercise techniques, and eliminate all of the useless supplements I was taking (mostly whey protein powder). NOTE: Vince does review & recommend one protein supplement, and provides tips on how to use it properly to maximize results, in case you want to get an extra boost, but I didn't do it.

The best aspect of this course was the fact that I learned more about form & technique. Vince is a world-renowned fitness model, so he knows how to train for maximum results. He knows what to do to get you toned! While this program might not get you 'ripped' as "Muscle Gain Truth", you will develop sculpted muscles, burn more fat along the way (if needed), and gradually build muscle on top.


All in all, the No Nonsense Muscle system is a solid purchase at $77. When I went on my muscle building program-buying rant, I decided to go for the $107 option, because it came with some cool extras (and it's still so cheap compared to getting all this info from a $36/hour personal trainer!):

  • No Nonsense Fat Cutting ebook
  • The AUDIO version of the ebook (I listened to it in the car, on my iPod when working out, and even at home. It's nice not having to read it all...)
  • Complete set of "cheap" meal plans
  • Veggie meal plans (Vegitarian? Either way, this helps...)
  • Personal coaching by email from Vince (I've emailed hom 4 times)
  • Online Members' Zone membership

UPDATE: Vince released another program (, and he's offering an upgrade that includes both packages for $127 total ($50 off). I wish he would have been doing that when I bought it, because I ended up buying it for $77 more!

Either way, I would highly recommend getting the upgrade option if you can, because my favorite parts of the package were the ebook in MP3 format (I love listening to it on my iPod while I work out), the 'cheap' meal plans, and the step-by-step workout routines, which are all included in the upgrade package.

So there you have it. if your goal is to build muscle & tone up with professional advice, full-blown meal plans with gorcery lists, workout routines for each level you reach, an online log for your progress, and tutorials on every single exercise included in the book & routines, No Nonsense Muscle Building has what you're looking for:

I hope you benefited from my review of Vince Delmonte's "No Nonsense Muscle Building" course! Remember to check out my Muscle Gain Truth review to make sure you make the best decision to meet your fitness goals...

- Max

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